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I sincerely thank the Almighty Allaah ( SWT ) for giving me the opportunity to use the media of information technology in spreading the word of Islam. The era that we are living today is undoubtedly considered to be an era filled with technological marvels which include the information super highway. In this regard, I firmly believe that it's the duty of the ummah to use this mode in spreading the word of the Almighty to all parts of the globe.
The main purpose of my website is to inculcate knowledge and spread the "Message of Peace " to the families and it's youth in order to establish the religion in all levels of family life. May the Almighty Allaah ( SWT ) accept our sincere and humble effort , forgive us and reward us in this world and the hereafter.
And He has creates (other) things of which you have no knowledge (An-Nahl- o8)


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at: Wellawatte Jummah Masjid - Colombo 06 on Fri, 15-Nov-2013
at: SLBC on Mon, 04-Nov-2013
at: Nimal Road Masjid - Bambalapitiya on Mon, 28-Oct-2013

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